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5 min DIY: Update a coffee table with marble contact paper



I had this old orange Kilo table from Habitat lying around and was thinking it was probably time to send it to the charity shop…until I saw pics online of DIYs involving marble contact paper. I had never heard of the thing before, but it did seem a quick way to update old boring furniture ! I bought a 2m roll from Amazon and chose a simple, light marble design, that will go well with my bedroom’s decor. But then, marble goes with anything (unlike orange…).  Kilo tables are perfect for this type of projects because they are squares and made of metal, so it is quite a straightforward task. There are many similar tables in Ikea and other furniture shops.

IMG_7210 What you will need :

+ an old coffee table or other piece of furniture to cover

+ a roll of marble contact paper

+ a meter

+ a ruler, preferably metal

+ a scalpel or cutter

+ a cutting mat

+ a squeegee


The first step is to measure your table or surface to cover, including the sides. My table was approximatively 42 by 42 cm plus  about 4cm each sides, so I cut a piece of contact paper along those lines, using my faithful scalpel and a cutting mat.


You then need to start covering the table with the paper. First,remove a bit of the backing paper, and apply  on your surface. I started by one side of the table, using the squeegee to get rid of air holes. Move slowly to make sure the paper is applied smoothly, using the squeegee as you go on. Be particularly careful with angles, and  pull the backing paper as you go along. If the paper is not placed properly, pull back and start again.


In the end, go all over the table with your squeegee making sure there are no air holes, and cut extra paper if needs be. I had to cut 1 or 2 cm extra on the side.

I love my ‘new’ table and I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of it. Although it’s only paper, it doesn’t look too ‘fake’ and it’s a great addition to my bedroom (until I can afford a real marble table!). What about you, what are you going to update? Please share your pics with us!



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