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A cute muslin skirt tutorial


If there is ONE fabric shop you must visit while in Paris, it is France Duval-Stalla close to Duroc metro station. It’s gorgeous, it’s quaint and it’s inspiring. And don’t worry if you aren’t visiting Paris any time soon, there is an online shop too! I visited the shop a few months ago and was totally overwhelmed by the amount of cute prints, ribbons and buttons on offer; definitely not the shop to visit if you are trying to save money. I came back with a bag full of stuff, and I particularly loved their soft quilted fabric, which I bought in fig. In fact, I love it so much that I haven’t used it yet; I’m still trying to figure out how to do it justice (any suggestions welcome!). They also stock fabric from Atelier Brunette which is another one of my faves.

My fabric stash from France Duval-Stalla

The really cool thing with France Duval-Stalla is that they have a number of easy, freely accessible tutorials of their website. I chose to make a little muslin skirt for my daughter, using a gorgeous mustard muslin I got from the shop. Muslin is quite an interesting fabric to work with, certainly not one I would have ever thought of using for a skirt, but it has a nice, light texture. It’s a little bit see-through so best worn on top of leggings, but it is perfect for a child’s summer clothes.

The measurements are based on my 4 yo daughter, make sure to get the right measures for your child.

Le tutoriel en français est disponible ici.



+ Muslin: I needed about 25 cm (My daughter’s measurement from waist to knee), plus 5 cm for the waistband and 2cm for the hem, so 32 cm. I kept the whole width of the fabric.

+ elastic for the waist: 40 cm (waist measurement). My elastic was 1,5cm wide, it needs to be reasonably strong.

+ ribbon for the bow: 50cm

+ a button (optional)

+ sewing machine + iron to press

Once you have cut your piece of fabric to the right length, start by sewing the widths together, leaving a gap of 2cm at 3 cm from the top edge (for the elastic), then press the seam open.

Then, make the case for the elastic:

First, fold the top edge of the fabric 1cm on the whole length, then fold again at 4cm (so you get a double folding). Pin and iron to make sure the fold stays in place, then sew at 1cm from the top edge , and a second time at 3 cm, so you sew over the double folding.

You then should have a 2cm wide casing for your elastic, with a gap at the seam to insert it.IMG_7321

The quickest way to get the elastic through is to tie a safety pin to it and push it through the length of the case. Once its done, sew both ends together, going over the edges several times with the sewing machine to make sure it’s strong. Then, even the fabric around the elastic so you get a full, flared skirt.

Finally, sew a 1cm seam at the bottom of the dress.


You can then add a little bow and button, that you hand sew on the skirt. I chose a pretty yellow and blue liberty ribbon, and a yellow button. My daughter loves the result!



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