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How to Make a Terrarium

Making a terrarium is super easy, super quick, cheap and a fun activity to do with children. I’m a terrible gardener and pretty much kill any plants who has the misfortune of passing my door, but even I managed to make a terrarium (with the help of my 4 year old). I love it, and it is very low maintenance.


Material Needed:

+ A large vase

+ Soil

+ Gravel or glass beads

+ Plants of your choice

Optional: moss and decorations, woodbark


Start by putting a layer of gravel at the bottom of the vase, then a layer of wood bark (that is optional, but I didn’t have enough gravel). This is to help the water drain. Then add a thin layer of soil, make a hollow hole and place your plants. There is IMG_6845a large variety of plants to choose from for a terrarium. I went for a succulent plant that is very easy to take care of, but you could also use fern, mini ivy, creeping fig…Terrariums need sunlight so it’s best to place them on a window ledge, and they don’t need much watering: I water mine every week and I make sure there’s only a tiny bit of water at the bottom. Depending on what plant you use, you might need to water it more regularly. We even placed some tiny dinosaurs so we now have our own tiny Jurassic Park!IMG_6848


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