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How to upcycled an ottoman ?



It’a always handy to have some occasionals seating or side table options around the house. So when I saw this ottoman in my local charity shop for only £10, I thought it will be a great project for upcycling. I then bought some fabric from The-Millshop-Online which is a mix of wool and linen called Linwood Riva for £14.50/meter and 50x upholstery nails 13mn in bronze for £2.15. *First, you will need to remove the staples attaching the top cover, remove it and check the conditions underneath. Then, you will need to place the new fabric on the seat ensuring that the weave is square to the seat, then carefully turn the seat over, keeping the fabric in position. *Pull the fabric up firmly over the base of the frame and pin each side down at about 2 cm from the edge. The fabric will need to be stretch so you will need to pull hard on it as you work. *To fix the square corners you will need to pull the fabric tightly onto the corner of the frame and fix it, positioning it so hard that the two flaps of fabric either side of the corner are even. These flaps will create a pleat on each side of the corner. Don’t forget to cut the excess fabric from the middle of the pleats with scissors. *Add more fixings to the sides where they are gaps pulling the fabric tightly each time and checking how it looks on top



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